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Veemala V. Persaud was born and raised in the third world country of Guyana South America. Living with her parents and younger siblings, she was singled out as ‘different’ and unacceptable, and became a one-child labor force saddled with full-time responsibility for the cows, chickens, and goats. In her little remaining time, she attended school. Veemala, born differently, always behaved and loved differently. She was rejected by her family and went through years of abuse and rape by village boys. She details her repeated failed efforts to escape the nightmare world of poverty, intolerance and the cruel alcohol-fueled abuses wreaked by her dad. Through a combination of will, determination and faith, Veemala never lost hope and eventually was granted political asylum in the United States.

From this point on, one triumph follows another. Veemala moves in with her aunt and grandmother in New York and climbs the ladder of self-realization from beautician to college graduate to surgical technologist. She does what it takes to become herself, undergoing surgery to become the much sought-after woman of her dreams. Her greatest reward is her ability as a motivational speaker to inspire faith, hope and fearless honesty in others struggling with similar obstacles.